About Me

First off welcome to my site! I am glad you came to visit, whether from a personal recommendation or following through from one of my sites.

I am a versatile individual in the realm of marketing and music. My main line of work is focused in the online web presence of musicians and businesses. Developing websites, and creating an online presence through the use of creative content. My skill set allows me to be highly adept in not only coding both the front end and back end of websites, but in video production, digital designs, and of course music.

My career choices have led me to help license music across major television networks like ABC, and MTV. Previously working as a booking agent and putting bands across the country has afforded me many opportunities to learn from and engage with some of the top minds in the field. Aside from booking artists I have been directly in charge of numerous shows and their promotions, which is probably my biggest passion.

This was mostly done while attaining my education at Eastern Kentucky University and after graduating I immediately started my own business. This brought forth many challenges and victories. It has taught me how to manage employees and manage accounts. Using an effective funnel for sales, and how to be a true leader.

My current goals are to continue working creatively within a company seeking big growth, while continuing to develop my own work inside of the music business. Managing a companies web presence and growth digitally is one of the biggest assets I have to offer, encouraging growth through new technology, community, and creative strategies. I am a leader and a visionary who can help create actionable tasks and thorough plans to reach goals.

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